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Hair styling: What kind of comb should be used for "teasing?"

Q. What kind of comb should be used for "teasing?"
A. Special combs with small, serrated teeth between the longer teeth are used as teasing combs. The smaller teeth on the teasing comb pack hair toward the roots to create fullness and volume in the hair. The best comb for teasing depends on the thickness of hair. For fine, thin hair, use a comb with tightly spaced teeth to achieve volume and lift, such as Mebco Touch Up or Mebco Little Tease Touch Up. For thicker, coarser hair, a comb with-medium to wide-spaced teeth with serrated edges is most effective, such as Comare Mark V Comb, Mebco's The Tease or Mebco Handle Pik.

Q. What is the best way for me to tease my hair so I don't damage it?
A. Use either a fine, medium or wide-tooth comb with serrated km edges for teasing. Use a narrow-width comb for fine hair, medium-width for medjum hair and wide comb for thick hair. To tease hair, do not pull on the hair too tightly. Hold the hair lightly at the ends and gently tease the hair just above the root line. This will add the volume you need to achieve lift. Carefully pick the hair to finish the style. Hair can be teased everyday as long as you are gentle.

Q. What are picks used for?
A. Picks are used to lift hair for volume and body. They finish a a style or build fullness into the style without pulling the curl out. Picks are also great detanglers when hair is wet. Try Mebco's small, medium or large picks.

Q. I'd like to try Velcro rollers, but don't want them to fall out of my hair. Will I need bobby pins?
A. To properly use Velcro rollers without bobby pins, first section hair and comb smooth. Press end of hair section gently to roller. Then, roll firmly toward scalp, being sure hair is smooth and even on roller. Press each side of roller against the head to secure. The tiny loops on the surface of the Velcro rollers grab hair and hold it in place.

Q. How can I remove Velcro rollers without tearing my hair out?
A. Hold roller by the sides and firmly unroll away from the head. Do not try to pull or slip roller out. Premier Velcro rollers have a single Velcro loop and are more gentle on hair. They cause less breakage and do not tangle as badly as some brands.

Q. How should I curl my hair on non-heat rollers when it is dry?
A. Spray hair with either a spritz or spray gel, such as Fantasia Ultra High Heat Styling Mist or L'Oreal Wave Chic, then roll hair on Velcro rollers and blow dry. Other types of non-heat rollers can be used, but they generally require sitting under a hair dryer or using a bonnet style hair dryer which can be attached to your blow dryer.

Q. What size roller do 9 use to get lots of curls if I am using non-heat rollers?
A. Use small diameter rollers - 1 /2" size - or pin curls. Apply a firm styling lotion, such as Ion Sculpturing and Designing Lotion before setting hair.

Q. How do I get a smooth, yet full, look using non-heat rollers?
A. Use jumbo rollers, such as the 1 1/8" Jumbo Blue, the 1/2" Bouffant Red, or 2" Giant Purple Velcro rollers and blow dry hair. After hair is set, smooth on just a dab of hair shiner first before blow drying.

Q. My hair is coarse, curly and thick. What non-heat roller is best for me?
A. Use a roller that will allow air to flow through the hair to promote faster drying. Velcro or plastic mesh rollers would work well for you.

Q. How many different sizes and types of Velcro rollers are there?
A. Sally Beauty Supply carries two different Velcro rollers - the single and double loop styles. There are 12 different sizes.

Q. What are the best rollers to sleep in?
A. Velcro or Foam cushion rollers.

Q. I like using magnetic rollers. How do they differ from Velcro rollers?
A. Magnetic rollers are used for wet sets. Magnetics give a smoother and longer lasting curl because they are usually used on wetter hair. Velcro rollers are used primarily on dry or slightly damp hair to create soft curls or full-bodied styles.

Q. What is the best way to hold my non-heat rollers in place?
A. Special wire roller pins or double prong roller clips.

Q. My hair is,short and straight. How do I get wave and curl without a perm?
A. Use small diameter rollers or pin curls for a curly look, and wave clamps for waves. Use a firm styling lotion before setting hair. Blow dry hair with a diffuser and let cool before brushing.

Q. My hair is fine, thin and straight. What is the best non-heat roller for me?
A. Magnetic rollers are usually the best bet for fine, thin hair because they do not "grab" the hair and there is little chance of breaking the hair. Styling Essentials' magnetic rollers come in 13 different sizes to achieve any curl you want.

Q. My hair falls flat after I set it on rollers, what's wrong?
A. You could be rolling your hair improperly or using a roller that is too large for the type of curl you want. To roll hair, hold the hair section at a 45-degree angle from where you part your hair, and roll hair directly back onto the base of the hair section. Secure roller.

Q. My hair gets the frizzies from rollers. What happens?
A. You could be setting your hair on rollers that are too small for the type of curl you are trying to achieve. Also, be sure that each hair strand is combed completely smooth before rolling it onto the roller.

Q. After setting my hair on rollers, what is the best way to dry my hair for the most lasting curl?
A. Using a hot dryer - either convertible bonnet or hard-bonnet type - will set the curl fastest and give the longest lasting curl. Remember to let curls cool before combing through or you'll weaken the curl formations. Same is true when using a curling iron.

Q. I love the look of a French roll. My stylist suggested a ratt. What is it?
A. Ratts are hair foundations used to create fullness and sophisticated hair rolls, like the French roll. They can be used on all types of hair, from extra-thick to extra-fine hair. Ratts are made from featherweight foam for comfort and durability. You can even sleep on them! To use a ratt, position the foundation on the hair where you want the roll. Fasten each end of the foundation to the hair with a bobby pin. Push the pin through the foundation or pin over the foundation by squeezing the end. Smooth hair over the foundation and tuck the ends of hair under the foundation with a comb or brush. Fasten with hair pins. Voila! French roll!

Q. Should I use hair pins or bobby pins for French twists and chignons. What is the difference?
A. Hair pins are open at the end and are used to hold large amounts of hair in place. Bobby pins are crimped at the end to hold small amounts of hair tightly. Both are used to create the base or support for either a French twist or to hold a chignon ratt in place.

Q. How do you set pin curls?
A. Twist hair, wrap around a finger, then clip in place; or tie two strands of hair together in several knots, then wrap around a finger and clip in place.

Q. What kind of clip should I use for pin curls?
A. Double or single prong clips.

Q. What can I use to hold my bridal headpiece in place?
A. Combs can be sewn into the headpiece, or use white hair pins or white bobby pins which will not show.

Q. What is a banana clip and how do I use it?
A. A banana clip is used to pull the hair back in a cascade a style. It is used like a ponytail holder, but has combs that grip the hair and clips at the top. Many banana clips have pearls or ribbons attached and are used as a fashionable accessory.

Q. I want to do something special with my hair. My stylist suggested "hair jewelry." What is it?
A. Hair jewelry consists of hair beads, charms and gems that are glued or pinned onto the hair. A special hair bonding glue is used that washes easily out of the hair. Jewelry is used for hair decoration, and many up-do's feature it.

Q. What is the best hair accessory to pull my hair off the face without breaking my hair?
A. Use headbands or head wraps, stretchy cloth twisters or terry cloth pony-tail holders. Consider also rubbing conditioner onto the covered elastic bands so bands will not break hair.

Q. I like to cut my own hair because it is long, straight and thick. What type of trimming shears are best?
A. A shear with one serrated edge, such as the Fromm Sharp Shear, helps to keep the hair in place while being cut rather than pushing the hair away.

Q. I have split ends. How often should I have my hair trimmed?
A. Every 4 to 6 weeks.

Q. When should S use end papers on my hair?
A. End papers are designed to use on hair that is being permed. End papers may also be used to protect fragile hair when it is being rolled on hot rollers, and are sometimes used on wet sets when hair is rolled on magnetic rollers. They are also helpful in controlling unruly hair that is being set on rollers, particularly when you don't want to -risk over-use, of gel to control stray ends. Tip: Fold paper over end of hair or place one at top of strand and one on bottom, at end of hair. Make sure hair is smooth. Then roll from end paper up.

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